We are an operating company engaged in manufacturing components for the automotive industry. We use the latest machinery and technology to achieve the best possible quality of our products and services.

About us

Unispo Bezno,s.r.o. is a family certified company founded in 1991 without the participation of any foreign capital. The first production was oriented to the to the field of a machining, a designing of an electrical engineering, a trade in building materials and graphite carbons in 1994, it redirected its manufacturing program to produce and supply products for the automotive industry.



The production program includes, in addition to its own production of a lamination, an accelerating and a cutting of a textile and leatherette materials, as well as their subsequent finishing and finality. It forms a closed production cycle that allows both high operational efficiency in terms of a complex supply of materials from one supplier and the high flexibility required for the quick product innovation and creation of materials to the exact customer´s requirements.

We offer not only the production of various sandwiches, the cutting of flat materials, the application of hot-melt adhesives to shaped parts and foils, the lamination with pur foam, bowden joints, a various stitching of plastering on plastic carriers, the laser cutting, we supply finished interior parts as a specific sewing of curtains for trucks the finished and center supports, the door frames, the door panels, the gearshift cover cuffs, the seat parts. Etc. In a textile or a leatherette design for world brand cars.

Another services -
An equipment for auto traffic

• The tractor with 30T
• The freight wagon with a hydraulic arm
• The containers

News in technology

• The vacuum plastic molding
• The plastic injection

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Miroslav Plch, CEO
Tel.: +420 325 551 625
Mob: +420 603 170 145
E-mail: miroslav.plch@unispo.cz

Miroslav Plch ml., Company executive
Tel.: +420 325 551 625
Mob: +420 774 571 177

Tel.: +420 325 551 625
E-mail: unispo@unispo.cz



UNISPO Bezno s.r.o.
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UNISPO Bezno s.r.o.
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289 22 Lysá nad Labem

Other contacts:

Jan Stehlík Head of Production +420 325 532 011 / 604 172 915 jan.stehlik@unispo.cz
Miloš Michalčuk,Ing. technologist +420 325 551 625 milos.michalcuk@unispo.cz
Pavel Honc,Ing quality control +420 325 551 625 pavel.honc@unispo.cz
Jiří Podoba,Ing. technology +420 325 551 625 jiri.podoba@unispo.cz
Zdeňka Veselá economy +420 325 551 625 zdenka.vesela@unispo.cz
Jana Zemanová logistics +420 325 551 251 jana.zemanová@unispo.cz
Vratislav Smlsal,Ing. technologist +420 325 551 625 / 773 001 021 vratislav.smlsal@unispo.cz
Marta Plchová,Ing. manager, hr +420 325 551 625 / 774 175 474 marta.plchova@unispo.cz
Jaromír Pirkl logistics +420 325 532 011 / 777 001 941 jaromir.pirkl@unispo.cz
František Bureš master +420 325 551 251 / 605 572 510 frantisek.bures@unispo.cz